Friday, 18 September 2009

This Filming Malarky!

Had some more filming for the documentary on Tuesday, I'd been out rigging for Chris on the monday, with Red Kali, which as usual was very hard on my body, though it included wading in a river this time, which was fun, and always nice to be out and about without having to get good photos of everything!

On Tuesday morning the weather forecast for rain (monday was sunny, wednesday was sunny, just tuesday, bugger) came together nicely. I met up with Red Kali and Lex, my models for the day, at St Pancras station and we got to our destination, still raining, but the documentary-maker-dude was pretty enthusiastic and we decided to get the best we could, so off we went to the woods!

The rain held-out just long enough to get the rigging points in the trees (which took an hour and resulted in a minor loss of skin and blood on my part) and I got the girls up in a double suspension, about 5 feet apart, standard face-down horizontal suspension and had their hands attached to the others so they could pull each other around, which was pretty cool, then I span them both around a bit, which by all accounts looked fabulous on the video camera.

By the time we got back to the station it was raining again, so thanks to whichever higher power held-off the rain just long enough :-)

Coming up tomorrow (saturday) we're in a dance studio, I'll have joceline ( doing a variety of things, mostly not wearing much and mostly looking eternally and supremely graceful (while I fumble around like a muppet sliding around in my socks, no doubt), along with anyone else I can get at short notice having had some cancellations :o( boooo

While I'm here, I'll share my favourate photo at the moment, this is solitaire...

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  1. What I want to know is ... when you're famous, are you going to auction the socks?